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Hello Pals!

I am Michael Ordonez, and this is my Pickleball story

Our Story!

 I was never enthusiastic about sports but more interested in my studies. After finishing high school, one day,


I went to my grandparents’ house. It was a boring afternoon when I decided to accompany my grandfather. He was getting all dressed up for some random game for older people.


As I had nothing else to do, I decided to accompany him. He took me to some weird-looking tennis court. It was smaller than the normal tennis court, which I thought was made for older people.


Suddenly some happy faces came inside the field, and one of them offered me to play with them. I couldn’t control my laughter as I thought it would be too easy!


I was accompanied by a tall, muscular man with grey hair visible through his cap.


My teammate took the big ping-pong ball with a serious look on his face and delivered a lofty surf, and the beautiful game started! Our opponent directed the Pickleball toward me.


I went in running towards the Pickleball, as the ball didn’t have that much pace on it. I wanted to smash it hard and beyond the reach of my opponents.


In the blink of an eye, the ball spun away from me, and I lost my balance and fell to the ground! My partner came towards me and told me, “look who is laughing now.”


That spin! Yes, that was the moment when all the trouble began! I fell in love with this beautiful game! 


After that day, I started playing Pickleball on a regular basis, started watching pickleball games, followed a bunch of pickleball players, read a lot of books on Pickleball, took training, and many more things. Now, you can call this pal of yours a Pickler.


Your PicklerPal!


Today, I am not alone. Almost all of my friends are crazy about Pickleball, like me. We call each other PicklerPal.


Then came the idea of breaking the border and connecting with Picklers around the globe and being the PicklerPals beyond race, culture, colour, and border!


We strive to help pickleball players improve their game, play their best Pickleball, and connect with others in the pickleball community, where ever it is, north or south, east or west.


We want to connect through.


(1) PicklerPal’s free pickleball newsletter and blogs.


(2) PicklerPal’s shared pickleball videos that focus on every aspect of the game


(3)By knowing about that special moment then, they fell in love with this beautiful game of Pickleball.


Share with us your favourite moment from this beautiful game, and we will pick the best stories and share it on our Instagram. Contact us!


Will you be our PicklerPal?



Our Goal

Our goal is to provide you with an easy-to-read and understandable resource that will simplify learning pickleball and help you grow your skills.


According to google trends, the amount of people loving this beautiful game is inclining with the period of time. And, as we all know, with great power comes great responsibilities!


With the boom of this sport, the number of pickleball equipment is also booming; along with it, the number of fake or non-effective Chinese garbages is also inclining!


Someone from this community has to take responsibility and do something for this community. We, the PicklerPals, are the doers, and we will not sit back but rather raise our voices then it comes to keeping this beautiful game alive!


We want to make it simpler for you to make a choice so that you can spend more time on the pickleball court.


We test each and every products that we recommend, and as you know, we are a group, and you can be a PicklerPal too.


Yes, You can be a PicklerPal too! You can be a doer too! Read our blog and buy the equipment that is suggested by our PicklerPals.


PiklerPal is for everyone who loves Pickleball!




Your PicklerPal


Our Elite Team Members

Sergio Olsson

Hello Pals!

I am Sergio Olsson, the co founder of PicklerPal! You know now I love my life and do you know why?

Because finally I am doing what I love the most talking Pickleball and traveling the world!

Team photo

Well If we started taking about our Pals, I know this page won’t be enough!

So cheers to our Pals! And you know you can be in that list of Pal too!

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Review Process



We believe a paddle without control is like a ship without sail as both helps in giving direction!


As the weight increases it becomes difficult to play with ease.

Pickleball Paddle


The last thing you would want is to have a broken paddle in the middle of an exciting match!


We personally use the paddle and take response from other user so the the review is not biased.



What is a shoe without comfort. To avoid blister, comfort is also essential.


The more cushions in a shoe the less chance to having an injury!

Pickleball shoes


While playing pickleball of you slip a lot, you can easily get injured.


We personally use the Shoe and take response from other user so the the review is not biased.




These equipment should be easy to use, so that everyone can use it with ease.


We always prefer quality over quantity

Pickleball machine


We want it to last as long as possible.


We personally use the machine and take response from other user so the the review is not biased